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Step 1 Pay the tuition fee and collect the bank receipt.

Step 2 Write your Student ID No., Full Name, Class(such as 2015 BBA) and Phone Number on the back of your bank receipt.

Step 3 Bring the bank receipt and visa application form to Ms. Yuan, 401, No. 11 Building, the form can be got from the Student Affairs Center or downloaded from the English Website of Business School(

Step 4 Ms. Yuan checks the bank receipt and register your information on the system.

Step 5 Ms. Yuan gives you the approval stamp on your Visa Application Form.

Step 6 Collect all materials and go to the 2nd floor, Student Affairs Center (across from No. 1 Canteen), the International College to finish the rest procedure.

Notes:You are required to pay your tuition fee before you can be recognized as a qualified student here. The university does not receive cash, so you have to transit your tuition fee through banks, we suggest you bring cash and transit your money through ICBC. We strongly recommend students pay your exact number of tuition fee in China as extra money takes a long time and complicated procedure to be returned to your account. If you have already extra, please go to Student Affairs Center(across from No.1 Canteen) to apply for refund.

Only students who have paid the tuition fee can be allowed to sit the class and the extend the visa. Here, the Business School's role in your visa extension is just to give you the approval stamp when we have your bank receipt, for detailed procedures please refer to the International College.

The Scholarship cannot cover your tuition fee, you still need to pay the tuition fee before the scholarship money is transferred to your account.

What is the bank account of Ningbo University?

The University has two bank account with ICBC and CCB to receive tuition fee, ICBC is for domestic transfer, CCB is for international transfer:

ICBCIndustrial and Commercial Bank of ChinaBank Account (For Domestic Transfer)





CCBChina Construction BankBank Account (For International Transfer)


Account with Bank: China Construction Bank, Ningbo Branch


Beneficiary Account No.: 33101983679050511058

Beneficiary Name: Ningbo University Education Fees Account

Add: No.818 Fenghua Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang, P.R.China.315211

Tel: +86-574-87609027  Fax: +86-574-87600900

Notes: Please be aware that the Business School is only responsible for approval check during your visa extension process. All other information please ask the International College.


Undergraduate Program:

Business Administration(2016):             CNY18000/year

International Economy and Trade(2016):     CNY18000/year

Finance(2016):                          CNY18000/year

Accounting(2016 CPA Canada)   

1. Basic tuition:18000 RMB/Year

2. 3300 RMB/Course for totally 9 core course


Master Program:

Business Administration(2016):             CNY65000/2.5year

Sino-Australian MBA (2016):               CNY60000/year              

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