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 Function of Offices 
Function of Offices
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General Office 
Room 417, Baoyushu Science Building 11

Qiaoyun Liu: The director of General Office         
Responsible for the daily work in the general office, including formulating the work schedule, executing and summarizing this schedule; the evaluation towards the work of executive staff and teaching assistants.

Liu Yang: Personnel Secretary
Responsible for assisting the dean to do work regarding talent introduction, further study of teaching staff, declaration of professional titles of faculty members, appointment and evaluation, family planning and retirement.

Jinglu Tu: Executive Secretary
Responsible for the work regarding the receive and dispatch, notification, circulation and archiving of various documents; the relevant work regarding the notification of meetings, archive management and logistics.

Academic Affairs Office
Room 419, Baoyushu Science Building 11

Leyan Yao  (The director of Academic Affairs Office)
Responsible for assisting to formulate and execute various regulation regarding teaching management; the management of teaching plans, syllabus and student training programs; the schedule of school timetable and the performance evaluation of teaching; the major and discipline facilitation as well as the management of teaching and research projects and achievements.

Mei Fu  (The secretary of Academic Affairs Office)  
Responsible for the printing, sending and collection of examination papers, teaching calendar, teaching archives and registration form of attendance; Responsible for the management of academic records and thesis writing.

Huaize Zhu  (The secretary of Academic Affairs Office)  
Responsible for the formulating of course plan, course scheduling and the printing of timetables, ...
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