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Faculty of Business was founded in 1986, then named Department of Economics, as one of the earliest schools and the largest disciplinary faculty of Ningbo University. In 1999, it got its present name Faculty of Business. In 2000, it incorporated the Department of Management and the Center for International Economic Research.

The Faculty of Business now has over 120 faculty members, including 26 professors, 7 Ph.D supervisors, 72 Ph.Ds. More than 60% of the faculty have overseas educational background. It has 1 Special Term Professor of the Changjiang Scholars Program of the Ministry of Education, 2 scholars entitled “New Centenary Talents”, 12 scholars of the “151 Talents Program of Zhejiang, 1 from the “5-1 Talents Program”, 6 Academic Leaders of Higher Education Institutions, 2 Scholars of Zhejiang and 5 scholars of the Ningbo talent program.

Currently, the Faculty of Business has the doctoral program for Fishery Economics and Management, two first-level disciplinary MA programs for Applied Economics and Business Administration. Besides, it has 12 MA programs in International Trade, Finance, Regional Economics, Industrial Economics, Quantitative Economics, National Economics, Science of Business Management, Accounting, Technical Economics and Management, MBA programs, International Business, and Development of Rural Areas. It has about 800 research students from both home and abroad and it receives domestic and foreign visiting scholars. Currently, it has 7 BA programs in Economics, International Economics and Trade, Finance (including Insurance), Business Management, Marketing, Accounting, and Information Management. It has over 2,300 full-time undergraduate and international students.

The Faculty of Business is the undertaker of two national-level programs “Applied Economics” and “Comprehensive Laboratory of Modern Business Studies”. Other research institutes it has are: Zhejiang provincial-level “Research Center of Marine Culture and Economics”, ...

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