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学院领导 Leadership



    院长:范柏乃 Dean: Fan Bonai


    主持学院行政全面工作。负责学院财务和高层次人才引进工作。In full charge of administrative work in the faculty. Responsible of the school's work regarding finance, personnel.


    党委书记兼副院长:胡亚娥 The Party Chief and Vice Dean Hu Yae


主持学院党委全面工作。负责学院党建和思想政治工作,分管学院行政、离退休、分工会工作和学院党政办公室。In full charge of the Party committee work in the faculty; Responsible for supervising Party’s moral education, organizational education and the united front work; retirement, family planning and labor union; work regarding administrative management.


    副院长、党委委员:杨丹萍 Vice Dean: Yang Danping


负责科学研究、地方服务与合作等工作。分管科研与服务地方办公室。In charge of scientific research, local service and cooperation, manage offices of scientific research and local service.


    副院长、党委委员:盛沛锋 Vice Dean: Sheng Peifeng


负责国际合作、继续教育与培训等工作。分管国际合作与继续教育办公室。In charge of International cooperation, further education, training and related office work.


    副院长、党委委员:周新苗 Vice Dean: Zhou Xinmiao


负责研究生教育与管理、招生、学位点建设、图书资料,协助院长管理学科建设。分管学科与研究生办公室、MBA中心办公室。Responsible for the teaching and management of graduates and the construction of academic degree programs; the management of books and other materials; the disciplinary construction and MBA office.




负责争取社会捐助和社会培训项目,推动学院公共服务平台建设。In charge of Social donation and social training programs, promote the construction of public service platform.




负责学生工作、校友、信息和创安等工作;负责学院纪检工作。分管学生工作和分团委办公室。Responsible for daily students’ affairs and the faculty stability; students’ scientific research, innovative and entrepreneurial activities and guidance in career planning; supervising...

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