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China Government Scholarship Calls for Application

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 China Government Scholarship Calls for Application  

Dear International Students of Business School:


The application for China Government Scholarship has already begun. Please see the following details.



Business major, Non-CSC&CIC students or for students who have not received other forms of scholarship at provincial, city or university level within one academic year. Graduating students are not in consideration.


Basic requirements:

a) Respect teachers, love Ningbo University and the Chinese culture, cooperative and

active in assignments or activities arranged by Ningbo University. Law-abiding, no

violation of University rules and Chinese laws.

b) GPA should be above zero, asked for leave no more than three times within one semester.

c) No failed subjects or history of makeup exams. Students who has no history of delaying

tuition or visa expiration.

d) Members of ISU, Class Committee or University clubs or students who have made

contributions to the Business School or Ningbo University will have priorities if students'

academic performance are qualified.

e) Friendly attitude towards teachers and China. Peer review are sound.

f) Students must apply by themselves before deadline, those who does not apply or ignore

deadline will lose the opportunity for scholarship even he or she qualifies.

g) Priority will also be giving to students who have paid off next semester’s tuition fee.


Seats available:

Bachelor Student: 2 seats, 15,000RMB/unit

Master Student: 1 seat, 30,000RMB/unit



Required material:

1) Application form 2) Transcript 3)Study Statues certificate


Evaluation method:

The evaluation of Scholarship applicants will be carried out by the scholarship evaluation board of the Business School, the evaluation result will be ranked from top to bottom.



How to apply:

Students download the application form and collect other required documents. Hand in all the materials to Sam, 401 (Student Affairs Office), No.11 Building, Business School by 4:30 PM, 19th Jun 2017.




China Government Scholarship Application Form                                                               








Student Affairs Office

Business School of Ningbo University

15th June 2017


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