A Summer Vacation Visit to International Students-Business School Of Ningbo University
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A Summer Vacation Visit to International Students

时间:[2017-08-05]  来源:

On August 5, Mr. Mao and Mr. Steven paid a visit to international students who live in Yongjiang Village and Tongxinyuan Apartment. It is recorded that there are around 80 international students living outside the campus.

After visiting rooms of several students and communicating with them, teachers got to know students' feedbacks concerning security, study, rent, living condition and summer plans.

On behalf of leaders from Business School, teachers kindly reminded students of the safety of using household appliances and the importance of keeping a good habit of living. More importantly, teachers have pointed out the potential dangers of sunstroke, swimming and drinking as well as how to prevent from these dangers. On the way of visiting, teachers also pointed out to students about the awareness of safe driving E-bikes.

In the end, international students expressed their gratitude to the Business School and the concern they received from the leaders, and students felt they are still being cared and protected by the University through the visits made by teachers.


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