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How to Find the Right Office?

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Please find the right office and person to help you with certain issues:

Duty of Teachers of the Student Affairs Office, 401, No. 11 Building学工办职责

A. Mr. Mao:

student organizations supervision, management of classes, media, freshmen and alumni education, awards evaluation, emergencies.

B. Ms. Yuan:

Management of student information, tuition fee, visa extension check, dorm switch, freshmen and graduates procedures, student affairs filing, emergencies.

C. Mr. Jiang:

Management of student organizations and student activities, Scholarship evaluation, exchange students program, alumni work, emergencies.


Mr. Mao 13819825936,

Ms. Yuan 18815284179,

Mr. Jiang 13586768705

Duty of Cici of the Teaching Affairs Office, 419, No. 11 Building教务办职责


Management of Transcript, Course Schedule, Textbook, Course Selection, Students' Evaluation of Teachers, Course Retaking, Examination, Course Adjustments, Student Certificate, Major Transfer, New Semester Registration.


Cici 15067450769

Duty of Student Affairs Center, International College学生事务大厅、国交学院职责

Mr. Wilson:

Security Management, Orientation Meeting on Rules and Laws

Mr. Chai:

Freshman Admission, Scholarship News Announcement and Quota Allocation

Ms. Gao:

Visa, Study Certificate, Student Card Deliver, Freshman Registration, Freshman Tuition Refund

Ms. Limin:

Student System Registration and Management, Student Card Making, Major Transfer

Mr. Niu:

Insurance Claim, Accommodation Register, News Publication

The Machine:

Transcript Printing, Student Certificate



Mr. Wilson 13777221658  

Mr. Chai 13515844469  

Ms. Gao 13777221658

Ms. Limin 13854410451   

Mr. Niu 13515886639

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