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How to Ask for Leave

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请假 Ask for Leave

Step 1 Download the leave note from the English Website or get the note from the International Student Affairs Office, 401, No. 11 Building.

Step 2 Fill out the form and bring your proving materials to ask your supervisor or any teacher from the Student Affairs Office to sign for approval.

Step 3 Bring the note to your course teacher and get the permission from the teacher.



You are allowed to take sick leave, but please ask before you take the sick leave. It is required that you provide the doctor's note, or other proving materials, together with your sick leave application note. You can ask for leave from any teacher of our office.

According to the Student Handbook, if you are absent for three times or more, you will lose your routine mark, if you are absent for 1/3 of classes, you will lose your right to attend the final exam. If you a late for ten minutes, your attendance will be considered as invalid.



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