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How to Win a Scholarship

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How to Win a Scholarship?


Step 1. The International College or the Business School publishes the notice of scholarship application on the English website (nbubse.nbu.edu.cn:8080) or Wechat posts (public account sxynbu).

Step 2. Students download the application form from English Website and collect other required documents.

Step 3. Hand in all the materials to Mr. Jiang, 401 (Student Affairs Office), No. 11 Building, Business School, before the deadline.

Step 4. The evaluation board of the Business School evaluates the materials of all applicants.

Step 5. The Business School sends the name list of nominees to the International College for further approval, and meanwhile publishes the names of nominees for public review.

Step 7. The International College confirms the name list and publishes the scholarship winners officially.

Step 8. Scholarship Winners get a back note from ICBC that shows account name and number, then send it to jiangpengtao@nbu.edu.cn.


For Non-CSC&CIC students or who have not received other forms of scholarship at provincial or city level within one academic year. In some cases, graduating students are not eligible. Further details please refer to the posts forwarded by the International College or relative party that sponsors the scholarship. Award Standard and Vacancies should be referred to the prescription when the application news come out.

Basic requirements:

1) Law-abiding, physically and mentally healthy, no violation of University rules and Chinese laws.
2) Excellent academic performance and attendance, strong leaning and research skills.
3) Cooperative and active in assignments or activities arranged by the Business School.

4) Students who has no history of delaying tuition or visa expiration.
5) Students who has made contributions to the Business School or Ningbo University. 6) Members of ISU, Class Committee or Business School clubs will have priorities if      students' academic performance are qualified.
7) Friendly attitude towards teachers and China. Peer review are sound.
8) Certain Considerations will be given to students with poor economic conditions.
9) Students must apply by themselves before deadline, those who does not apply or ignore deadline will lose the opportunity for scholarship even he or she qualifies.

Required materials:

1) Application Form

2) Copy of passport

3) Transcript

4) Study status certificate

5) Two recommendation letters in Chinese

6) Health certificate

Notes: Application materials should be in duplicate and will NOT be returned.

How to collect your application materials?

7) Your Transcript and Study Status Certificate can be printed through the machine on the second floor of the Student Affairs Center (across from No.1 Canteen) or in Teaching Affairs Department, 2nd floor, Huangchen Yueli Building, acorss from Anzhong Building.
2) The Recommendation Letter should be written by your teachers in Chinese from your college, the Student Affairs Office has no obligation to provide for you.
5) The Health Certificate you provide should be within the valid date and got from 336, Liuting street, Ningbo International Travel Healthcare Center. Booking number:0574-87163322
6) It will definitely help your application if you can hand in the photocopy of Honor Certificate or Activity Certificate or your published articles.




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