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“BizPlan” International Students Entrepreneurship Competition

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International Students Entrepreneurship Competition

To cultivate our students' innovative consciousness and entrepreneurial ability, the business school is to hold the first “BizPlan” International students Entrepreneurship competition. It aims to promote international students consciousness and passion for innovation and scientific exploration. The relevant procedures are as follows.


Part 1: Schedule of Competition



April 10

Deadline for Registration

April 11-23

Guide Lecture and Preparation

April 24

Deadline for Submission of Proposal

April 28

Announcement of Preliminary Result

May 2-11

Presentation Review

May 12



Part 2: Organising party

Sponsor: International Student Affairs Office of Business School

Organizer: SU&ISU of Business School


Part 3: Rules of Registration

Only Business School students can participate. However,

-          Each team must have a captain who must be an international student.

-          Chinese Students can participate, but not more than half.

-          Each student may only join one team.

-          Teams are limited to 4 – 6 members.

Part 4: The Competition Requirements

Participants need to provide a marketable proposal of product or service. The proposal can be:  projects that have already taken shape or to be carried out. Teams must complete a specific, complete, and in-depth business plan around the product or service that can attract investment and be put into actual operation. The specific requirements are as follows:


1.The competition is organized in the form of a business team with a scientific and well-planned entrepreneurial structure (including technical staff, finance staff, marketing staff, etc.).


2.Teams should carry out a wide range of market research, business and industrial analysis to successfully integrate their product or service into the market.


Part 5: Procedure of Competition

Step 1: Registration

Every team must finish registration with Mr Jiang personally at RM 401, Building 11 by 16:00, April 10.

Step 2: Guide Lecture

The Business School will organize a lecture for all applicants which is compulsory.

Step 3: Writing Business Proposal

Every team must submit a completed business proposal by 16:00, April 24 and a digital copy to the email of Mr. Jiang which is jiangpengtao@nbu.edu.cn.

Step 4: Panel Evaluation

The evaluation committee will judge all proposals and decide the proposals for the final defence.

Step 5: Presentation Review

All qualified teams revise their proposal and prepare for the final presentation in slides.

Step 6: Business Proposal Presentation

The qualified teams will go through the defence session. Each team must present their business proposal in the form of PPT for no more than 12 minutes which will be divided into 7-min illustration and 5-min answering questions asked by the judges.


Part 6: Prize






5000 RMB



3000 RMB



2000 RMB





Business Proposal Competition Criteria.

Business Proposal Outline.

Sample 1.

"BizPlan" Application Form.


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