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Procedure for Graduation in 2018

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Procedure for Graduation in 2018


1. Graduation Ceremony

Time8:30, June 26(Tuesday), 2018

PlaceZhou Yiqing Stadium at Yongjiang Living Area

    The graduation ceremony is a grand event, please arrange your time and arrive at the venue 15 minutes in advance and wait in order.


2. Photo-taking

Time15:30-16:15, June 26(Tuesday), 2018

PlaceThe Big Steps Area between No. 1 and No. 2 Building

As there are a lot of classes waiting to take photos, students must arrive on time, if you miss the time, there will be no makeup procedures for you. After the phone-taking ceremony, you can move to graduation photo square set by Business School in front of the Lin Xingqin Hall to take individual photos.


Sequence for Photo-taking





2014 International Trade and Business



2014 Bachelor of Business Administration

Other majors join 2014 BBA batch for photo











       Requirements for Dress

Male graduates wear white shirts, dark trousers, dark leather shoes; females wear white shirts, dark trousers or plain-color skirts, black leather shoes; the tassel should be on the right side of your cap.


3. Graduation Evening Party

Time18:00, June 26(Tuesday), 2018

PlaceLin Xingqin Theatre


4. Paperwork to Leave the School

Students can download the leave-note from the website of the Business School(http://sxynew.nbu.edu.cn), and hand to Ms. Yuan, 401, 11th Building for approval. Graduates have to finish the paperwork before July 3, 2018.



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