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How to Do the Teaching Evaluation

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How to Do the Teaching Evaluation

Teaching Evaluation is a daily teaching activity in each semester. Students have to do the evaluation twice a semester, which is real time satisfaction evaluation and terminal satisfaction evaluation. Only when students complete the evaluation before first course selection, can they select courses in the system for next semester.

Please follow the following steps to evaluate.

 1. Enter the teaching academic management system to login. 


2. Click Student Area.

3. Choose the current semester.

4. Choose real time evaluation and inquiry.


5. You will see this page. You can see a list of courses here.

6. Then evaluate all the courses one by one. You have to click 评价(evaluate).

7. This is the evaluation page of one course. There are 10 items to rate and two questions to answer. Please rate with stars. Five stars mean satisfaction and one star means dissatisfaction.

Please save or submit your result after evaluation, and it can be modified during evaluation time. Please submit all the real time evaluation results before Week 13.

8. You can see the results of each course. When the evaluation button turns grey, it means that you cannot modify the evaluation anymore.

9. Submit all the results after evaluation.


 10. Please do the terminal satisfaction evaluation after Week 13.Please choose right semester→choose terminal satisfaction evaluation.





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