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172 Course Selection

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Course selection will start from December 26th 8:00 - December 30th 2200.

Students should go to public computer rooms or using nbu-wirless to log into the system. Some libraries in building 11 will open from 8:00 to 16:00 during work days. IE and 360 are recommended.


1. Before selecting courses, please finish Teaching Evaluation Satisfaction first.

How to Do the Teaching Evaluation  http://sxynew.nbu.edu.cn/info/1170/1089.htm 


2. Students should select the courses within the required time.

   Teaching Affairs System http://jwgl.nbu.edu.cn:7777/nbdx/

3. Select the courses in person. In the upcoming semester, Cici will upload Class Course Selection Summary Sheets which need every student sign to confirm the courses you’ve selected. Any wrong courses or missing ones, you can add or drop during January 4th 14:00 – January 21th 23:59.

4. How to do the Course Selection http://sxynew.nbu.edu.cn/info/1170/1073.htm

  All 2017 freshmen’s password is 123456 and user ID is student ID( on the back of the green card).

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