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Course Selection, Makeup Exam, Registration, Self-study Application and Major Transfer

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Call for Course Selection of Second Semester of 2017-2018 School Year

The deadline of course selection of this semester is March 18. Please go to public computer rooms in the library or use nbu-wireless to do the course selection.

The website is  http://jwgl.nbu.edu.cn:7777/nbdx

How to do the Course Selection http://sxynew.nbu.edu.cn/info/1170/1073.htm



Remember to Check the Result in the System

The makeup exams will be from March 5 to March 16. Students should first check the grades in the system or go to Huangchenyueli Building to print your transcript from the machine using the student card. If you fail in an exam, please check the arrangement file that I will upload later.


P.S. Huangchenyueli Building is opposite of the police office which is opposite of Anzhong hall.



About Registration in the New Term

Take your student book (the brown one) and get stamp from Teaching Affairs Office (11-419).

If you don’t finish course selection, Cici cannot stamp for you.



Coach and Self-study Application

1. Apply for coach and self-study in the first two weeks of each semester.

2. How to apply for coach and self-study.

(1) Fill in a coach and self-study form.

(2) Make a study plan.

(3) The teacher should sign on the coach and self-study form if he/she agrees.


(1)The course that you apply for coach and self-study is usually a retake course and has another course at the same time.

(2)In one semester, one student can only apply for coach and self-study of 1-2 courses.

(3)If you are doing an exchange program, you can select some courses in the exchange university and do a course replacement of the same or similar courses opens in Ningbo University. If the courses open in the exchange school are not in your study plan, you can apply for coach and self-study and take the final exam.

(4)The daily performance will be no more than 60 with coach and self-study.

Major Transfer

Fill in the form and get stamps before March 16. Hand the form to International College 302.


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