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Procedure of graduation

1. Photo-taking

  Time7:50, June 11(Sunday), 2017

  PlaceThe Big Steps between No. 1 and No. 2 Building

2. Graduation Ceremony

  Time8:30, June 11(Sunday), 2017

  PlaceLin Xingqin Hall

3. Requirements for Dress

  Male graduates wear white shirts, dark trousers, dark leather shoes; females wear white shirts, dark trousers or plain-color skirts, black leather shoes; the tassel should be on the right side of your cap.

4. Buy the Gown and the Cap

   Please buy the gown and the cap from Taobao according to the following example.The collar should be in pink.



5. Time Requirement

   The graduation ceremony is a grand event and please arrive at the venue 20 minutes in advance. After the phone-taking ceremony, please go to the Lin Xingqin Hall to find your seats and attend the graduation ceremony in time.

6. Ceremony Requirement

  Please turn your cell phone into mute mode.

   The sequence of tassel-flipping ceremony: from front rows to back rows, 4 students in a group go to the stage. All graduates go from right to left. After the tassel-flipping, please do not stay on the stage.

7. Paperwork to Leave the School

  Students should go through the procedures according to Leave-note and hand back to Ms. Yuan for approval. Graduates have to finish the paperwork before June 23rd, 2017.Before you get your diploma, you have to finish this process.

8. Graduation Evening Party

  Time18:00, June 11(Saturday), 2017

  PlaceLin Xingqin Hall

  All graduating students and parents are welcomed to watch the party.

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